Survey reveals gaps in school technology perceptions

The results from a recent survey on education technology suggest that schools are making progress on integrating technology into the curriculum—but the survey also reveals key disparities in how students, educators, administrators, and even aspiring teachers think of various technology tools.

via Survey reveals gaps in school technology perceptions.

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One response to “Survey reveals gaps in school technology perceptions

  1. I think this article is right on. I believe that many teachers don’t talk about their use of technology (or the lack of use) in their classroom because they are a little afraid that they will look incompetent or be held to a higher standard than a teacher who doesn’t use technology. I’m afraid that the “fear factor” may lead some teachers, those who did receive proper training, to give up on technology because it is easier NOT to use it, or so they may think.

    I think it is unfortunate that there are not more teachers today who use technology as a teaching tool. Do they give up on it because learning how to use it requires too much time or thinking? What message are we sending our students if we don’t use our higher level thinking skills to delve into new arenas of teaching? Do you think our students will try harder to learn new things if teachers aren’t?

    On the flip-side, there have been huge advancements in teachers who are trying to use technology. Unfortunately, those advancements are at the lower levels of technology usage, which does not have an impact in the classroom.

    If administrators and teachers can get beyond the “fear factor” and have a little faith in their students, maybe they can overcome this obstacle. It may require a little more time on the teacher’s part to ensure that every comment goes through a moderator, but in the long run the students will take more pride and ownership in their learning if they can relate it to their 21st Century lives.

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