“Embracing Classroom Technology” (An Article Review)

Follow this link, http://thejournal.com/Articles/2010/06/17/Embracing-Classroom-Technology.aspx?Page=1, to access the article for this review.

In the article, “Embracing Classroom Technology,” by Bridget McCrea, the author explores the path of one teacher as she integrated technology into a classroom with few technological resources. Valerie Gresser, who teaches 1st grade, had a classroom with only one computer to be shared among twenty plus students. Ms. Gresser had a vision that included integrating technology into her existing curriculum so that her first graders could be more prepared for  a future that was becoming more and more infused with technology. This forward thinking teacher applied for a $20,000 grant, and won, in order to make sure that she could teach 21st Century skills to her students. She took the initiative and looked for resources and then learned how to use them effectively.

Ms. Gresser did not just think about the easier, softer way in which to teach her students. She thought about how her students learn and made sure that she taught them the skills they needed in order to succeed. In order for her to do this, she had to place herself into the shoes of her students and analyze how they learn and/or how they may best learn in today’s society. She was active in seeking out new knowledge and was dedicated in learning the new technology she received.

I believe that in my own classroom, I will need to stay abreast of how technology is evolving and how my students learn in order to ensure they are learning the skills they need for the future. I believe that I will have to continue reading articles about my profession and its many facets, as well as pay close attention to how learning in students is changing based on the new technologies. Students today are able to multi-task many different forms of media better than ever before. Now, does that make them better learners? Not necessarily. But I do think that they are different learners from those ten or twenty years ago (maybe even last month). It is my responsibility to make sure that I am constantly looking for avenues in which to make learning more effective for my students.

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