Human Trafficking VoiceThread

I have posted this VoiceThread link here for three reasons: 1. VoiceThread is an amazing tool that allows all members of the community (if you choose) to post and comment on many different topics, 2. This is a topic I feel very strongly about, however, I am confused about who should be teaching it and when and want to discuss this with other people, and 3. I wanted to paste my audio commentary for you visual learners, so you can follow along or refer back.

Here is what I said in my VoiceThread (more or less):

Human Trafficking is a growing global epidemic, and it is something I feel passionately about. The statistics are shocking, however, what I find the most terrifying is that a large proportion of people, especially in the United States, are unaware that human trafficking is the number one fastest growing international crime in the world…. And it has been documented in at least, every major city in the country. So why is this epidemic going un-noticed? According to this article, many people are not learning about human trafficking until they reach college, and then in only certain fields of study. The reason I am discussing this topic here is because I feel that there is a major disconnect between the huge majority of young people who are affected by this and by those who are learning about it. How do we bridge this gap?

I find the quote at the end of the article outrageous. The professor quoted says, “Most students here have international experience, so there’s a presumption that the topic would be quite firmly established,” she said. “But it isn’t. Students gasp when they hear what happens, and I get a twisted sense of joy that I’m the first to tell them about something.” Well… I think it’s twisted that these students are only now learning about human trafficking and that she find a twisted sense of joy in that.

So tell me in your comments, When should students be learning about human trafficking and who should be teaching it?

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