Current CADRE Status…

Oh my goodness! Let me just say that I am really scared right now. I attended my first Research class last night and it was pretty intimidating. My professors are really nice, which is a relief. But, when I learned that I was going to have to do math, I freaked out a tad. I think I will be ok though. There are so many people in this program to help me, so I am confident that I will survive.

I am now finished with all of my technology requirements *sigh.* I created a wikispace with a Voki and Dipity timeline embedded. It was really fun and something I want to use in the future. I enjoyed watching everyone’s iMovies, Blabberize photos, Voicethreads, and reading their blogs.

In my Instructional Strategies class, I only have my Proposition 3 presentation and Instructional Frameworks remaining. I have learned SO many strategies that I can use in my class. I’m excited about what I learned and ways to integrate the strategies into my curriculum.

My goals for the remainder of the summer include:

1. No freaking out about math

2. Ask for help if I struggle (Sometimes I’m too proud)

3. Take my kids to the zoo and the pool more. I can’t forget that my primary objective is my family.

4. Ride my bike

5. Be optimistic

— Stephanie


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