Emotional Good-Byes


Soooo, this article was very emotional. It really sums up how important tradition is in all aspects of my life. If it weren’t for the little things that I do with my kids and family each year, I would struggle when times get tough. These little gems of happiness get me through the roads that are hard to trudge.

I love putting Easter eggs in the front yard so my kids think the Easter bunny visited them personally. I look forward to putting treat bags on my front porch (and those of other little kids in my family), so they feel special because Rudolf was jealous of Santa and wanted to give them a present too. We always eat M&Ms when we watch movies, play Ispy when we are super bored, and say “I love you” even when we are really mad at each other. One tradition that I’m sad to say good-bye to is our Summer trips to the dollar theater, which is now gone. I have felt a little lost without this tradition. The stale popcorn, the sticky floors, the obnoxious arcade… the really cheap movies that we wouldn’t get to see otherwise. I LOVED it… and now I really miss it. I think it has affected my kids and me, and I’m sad to say that this Summer has not been near as fun as past ones. We really need to brainstorm…

This is why I think that tradition is so important. Without these little things to look forward to and spice up our routines, life isn’t quite as interesting. As a teacher, I believe that I need to incorporate these little traditions into my classroom to give my kids something to look forward to. I realize that there are lots of other things that make school, life, etc. interesting, but honestly… if students don’t have something they get to take ownership of and know they helped create, then the community will just not be as tight. I look forward to creating memories and traditions with my students. We may not have a “Butch” to carry to games, but we can start something that will transcend beyond their class and into their personal lives.

— Stephanie

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