Assignment Nightmares and School Dreamscapes

Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but when I start a new semester, I always have tons of dreams about school. I could write a book about all of my crazy exploits on campus and in the halls of the schools I’ve visited. Last nights was pretty weird. In this dream I was on a short break, but I knew that I had to turn in an assignment when I went back, which is actually the case. But I was procrastinating, as usual, and I asked my friend Anna if I could see what she had written so far. She said I could look, but she had four pages written. This really scared me. I thought the assignment was only supposed to be half a page. There was NO way I was going to get four pages written in only a couple hours. I was freaking out. Bad. So, I went to another classroom, in which Dr. D was teaching, so I could get a soda. (Why is there a soda machine in a classroom? IDK). The machine kept eating my quarters and each time a soda actually came out it was either empty or the wrong kind. Then I woke up… Thank goodness. The first thing I thought was that I have two cases of Diet Dr. Pepper in the fridge and as it turns out, the assignment is due tomorrow night and it is NOT four pages! lol. Phew! That was close!



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2 responses to “Assignment Nightmares and School Dreamscapes

  1. Anna

    I really love the fact that I am the one that had 4 pages already written! I am an overachiever perfectionist, even in your dreams.

  2. Kim

    This is FUNNY!!! 🙂 I have dreams like that and wish someone could tell me what they mean. Such silliness!!!

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