Scared out of my MIND!

Let me just say that I am really, really scared about starting my new teaching job. I don’t know what to expect. To whom should I direct any questions? What should I have done by day 1? … the list goes on…

I want to be a good teacher, make a good impression, make a difference, etc. I think that I will be fine, but I’m still scared.

Ha! I know this was a super short post, but I know I’m not the only one who has questions. Maybe some of my CADRE peeps will post some of their questions and/or suggestions/ideas here. 🙂



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5 responses to “Scared out of my MIND!

  1. I am starting a new teaching job come September and feel the same! Scary times!”

  2. Jen, what will you be teaching? Is this your first teaching position? Thanks for posting! Sometimes I think I toss these comments into a blank void with nobody paying attention, lol.

  3. Kelly Young

    Will you have a mentor provided by your district? If so, that person will be a great resource for answering your questions. Plus you will have your CADRE associate to help you. I also think that the seminar on July 30 will be valuable to you because you’ll be planning some of your beginning of the year stuff. Then once school starts you will have your co-workers. Just know that everyone feels that way to start with – and there will be so many people around to help you find your way.

  4. Kelly Young

    Wait…is this Aryka’s blog??? Sorry, Aryka! I got mixed up on which one I was reading!! Same answer though! LOL…

  5. hehe… nope, this is Stephanie’s blog. Thanks for the advise. I haven’t heard about a mentor besides my CADRE mentor, but I keep forgetting about her. I could probably ask her these questions since she has worked in the district for so long.

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