I graduated with my Master’s… who’d of thunk it?

I did it! Yes, ladies and gentlemen…  I did get my Master’s degree… well, I walked yesterday.  I still have three classes to take in June, but once those are done, I’ll be totally done with my degree. It has been a very long year. Last summer I started a very intense accelerated Master’s degree program called CADRE. Then, in August, I began my first year teaching… while still going to school.So… I feel like this is a good time to reflect a little.

I remember when I started CADRE, I thought it was going to be a breeze. I was wrong. Looking back, I can see how naive I really was. I had been going to school full-time for quite a while prior to beginning my Master’s program, but it was nothing compared to going to school, raising a family, AND teaching my first year.

Some of my CADRE classes were really beneficial and some were not, which I think is typical of most Master’s programs. Regardless, I took everything I could from each of my classes. I have written over 130 pages for various papers, which have included: five papers on the NBPTS core propositions, one prospectus, one action research paper, and others. I created an interdisciplinary unit over South America, of which I was the group leader and the co-author of the science/reading portion of the IDU… science? I know… that was fun *hint of sarcasm*. Lol… anyway… I have these experiences to use for future growth, which is really important to me.

I can do anything and be able to take something from it to help me grow as a teacher. I refuse to do anything for nothing, which is why CADRE has been so helpful. The seminar classes that I’ve attended have helped me really reflect on my teaching and ask myself some tough questions… all to help me grow as a teacher. I have come so far over the last year… more than I thought possible.

I will be putting my CADRE portfolio together over the next few days, which is going to be awesome. I’m planning on a totally paperless portfolio, which I don’t think has been done prior to this year (I could be wrong, but I don’t think so). I will defend my portfolio on May 26th, and on June 3rd I will present on the NBPTS core proposition 3… “Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning”.

So, how was all of this possible? I definitely couldn’t have done this on my own. I am so lucky to have a family who cares so much about our future that they would support me during this time. My mom who has provided free daycare for the past six years… that alone is worth so much more than I can ever repay. My husband, who I might add has become “Mr. Mom”… he takes care of the house, kids’ appts and school stuff, bills, scheduling of activities, cooking, etc. He has done it all. My kids for not resenting me these last years… I haven’t been as available to them as I think I should have been; however, they know that they will have a better future because of these sacrifices.

Anyway, my parents and hubby threw me a party Saturday. Many of my friends came to help me celebrate, which was really awesome. Last year when I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, my hubby bought me an all expenses paid trip to Mall of America. This year he out did himself… he bought me a new Macbook, which I get to go pick out next week. My parents and many of my friends got me a Keurig coffeemaker, which I have used twice already :). I bought my kids all a toy and some summer clothes, and I bought my hubby some new Nike trail shoes (which, I feel falls way short of what they deserve). These are all materialistic “thank-yous” and “congratulations”, which are amazing, but nothing can beat expressing your appreciation for all they have done than by with showing them with your actions.  @{—-

— Stephanie

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