Closing out a wonderful year!

YAY! I made it! … well, almost. We don’t get out for a little over a week, but it’ll be a breeze. This year has been amazing, educational, insightful (both about myself and my profession), and really hard; however, I wouldn’t give up my first year teaching for anything. I believe I have been blessed to have such a wonderful group of kids this year. I have been fortunate to have a great cohort of teachers to help me through my Master’s program. I have definitely been lucky to have had the stamina and strength to handle all of the challenges and pressures that come along with teaching 13 and 14 year olds.

Today my fingers itched to start taking down my bulletin boards and posters, to pack my boxes of teacher paraphernalia, and to begin the process of planning for next year, but, I didn’t start. It will be hard for me to say good-bye to this bunch of kids, but it will hurt them to see me putting the year behind me before they are gone.

Tears will be shed, but they will be tears of joy and excitement. Hugs will be shared, but they will be hugs of congratulation. High-fives will fly and knuckle-pounds will explode, all because we made it… students and teachers alike. Good-byes will be said, and for some it may be for good… but for me and my fellow teachers, we will hope for a future glimpse of the student we taught, just for a second, when they were developing into their adulthood.

I am so proud of what I’ve done over this last year, and I’m proud of who I’ve become; but, most of all, I’m proud of the lives who have touched mine, just for a second, when I was developing into my profession. It has been the exuberance… and trust… and trials… that these kids — my kids — have spread over my first year of teaching that will forever resonate in my heart.

I wish, just as most teachers wish, that I will not be forgotten. I will never forget my first year as a teacher.

— Stephanie

P.S. I guess I get to add a new tagline to my blog in a few weeks πŸ™‚ I will no longer be a first year teacher!



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5 responses to “Closing out a wonderful year!

  1. This is so inspiring! Glad you had an awesome first year. πŸ™‚

  2. emveness

    Inspiring & awesome πŸ™‚

  3. Marla H.

    Congrats on finishing up your first year of teaching!!! I remember my first year…*sigh* This is one year that you will never forget. Continue to record the journey.

  4. Jake H.

    Hi, I am a future educator (history/social sci.) and am currently in the education program at ISU. It sounds like you found your calling in life, KUDOS! I hope to have a positive impact on my students as well. That should be the goal of every teacher in my humble, pre-service teacher opinion. I am sure your passion for teaching is reflected in your students’ behavior, and I am confident that your class behaved because they trusted and respected you. There truly is a correlation between a teacher’s enthusiasm and the attitudes of the students. Stay motivated, passionate, and invested in your students and you will have many more happy years teaching!

  5. Pre-Service Teacher

    I loved reading your blog. I thought it was inspiring and very positive and it gave me hope for when I become a teacher. I know the first year is probably one of the hardest, if not the hardest, and it seemed like you had an excellent experience!

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