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It’s not the end… It’s just the beginning.

I apologize… I thought I had posted about my last days of school awhile ago, but I can’t find that post… darn iPad app, lol.

My last day of school, with students, was on Wednesday June 1st. My time teaching 8th grade has been very interesting and educational, not just for the kids but also for me. But now, I need to take the summer to reflect on the past year and plan for the future.

I was surprised by how emotional the kids were… although, I think some of the girls thrive on drama and really played that part well. 🙂 There were lots of hugs and tears, and some surprises… One in particular really caught me off guard. One of my students, who was new to the school this year, wrote me a letter telling me how much I made a difference in her life and how appreciative of me she was. It was really amazing actually. I have never received such a humbling and heartfelt gift!

Then, on June 3rd, I presented on NBPTS’ Proposition 3: Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning. My presentation focused on creating classroom rules based on Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible (this was discussed in an earlier post). The presentation was done in the presence of other teachers, administration, family, and friends. I feel like this was a great way to show off my final portfolio and to listen to what my fellow CADRE members learned over the course of the year.

I finished the CADRE program on June 30th. I have never been so relieved in my life. I loved having the opportunity and privilege to get my Master’s Degree through the UNO CADRE Program… it has been the best and hardest time of my educational career… so far. I hope to continue my education, but I think it’s time for a little break.

Have a great summer everyone! I will post again soon.

— Stephanie


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It’s Crunch Time! (now to do something about it)

It is a rare occasion when I completely break down emotionally and vomit my emotions all over everyone unlucky enough to be in range… but when it does happen, I am fortunate enough to have a loving family to set me back on track. *sigh*

Well… I had that moment last night. It was embarrassing and stupid, but I couldn’t seem to do anything about it. I have been beyond stressed these last months and rather than letting off steam during that time, I let it build up until I blew. Actually… it was probably a good thing that it happened when it did, because these types of emotional releases always get my rear in gear so I can get some work done, which probably would have gotten done sooner if I hadn’t been such a procrastinator and let it get me stressed out… I digress.

So this is what I’m doing right now:

In CADRE we implement the Five Core Propositions, as defined by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), in our classrooms. We then select three artifacts for each proposition and write a very in-depth analysis and reflection of each artifact and the proposition. These are due in, oh…. a couple of weeks. And I have 2.5 written… yeah, I know right? I’m a total procrastinator.

So, after my meltdown, which I’m sure would make any 2-year-old look like an angel, I wrote a 5 page outline for prop 2 and have the skeleton for my prop 4 outline finished. I even finished most of the research. Yay me!

Now… there was a cause to what set me off… but that shouldn’t be an excuse. I really need to learn how to break through those really tough walls that prevent me from moving on in my work… something like writer’s block, I guess. This is a recurring goal of mine… don’t procrastinate, no matter the reason.

So, what I’m trying to say is that if I really want anything in my life to change, I have to change it. It takes a dedicated and focused person to change an aspect of their personality that has been habit for so long. I’m going to try very hard to make this happen… I am focused! I will get to the end of this program, and I will be a great teacher. I just need to take the action.

Anyway, the end is in sight! … t-minus 23 days and counting until I graduate with my Master’s. Too late to mail those invites? Probably… but, I’ll do it regardless.

— Stephanie


Thanks for listening to my rant. I think it’s good to learn from other people’s tough times. 🙂


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10 days and counting…

Well not exactly 10 days… but that is the beginning. What do I mean? Well, my district starts new teacher training on August 2nd and we train until the 10th. The first day of school for students is the 11th. I’m kinda getting excited, but really nervous at the same time. I hope that I am prepared… well, I know I will be, but I hope it’s not too stressful.

My classroom… I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t get to go into it until the end of July or beginning of August. I’m nervous about my room. Is it too immature to have a theme for 8th graders? I’m pretty sure my 8th grade team had a theme when I was in school, but I can’t remember. I’m thinking of “Stories from Around the World” or something. I will let them make a passport and personalize it and every time we read a new story or book, we will mark them in our passports. Sounds pretty cool… to me anyways.

Lesson plans? I have the first 4-5 days of lessons done already. I’m pretty happy about this and even more happy that I’m not doing anything curriculum related. It’s all about the rules, procedures, and getting to know you activities… just like Harry Wong recommends. It’s after that that I’m nervous about. I am confident that it will be ok though… I have tons of strategies and knowledge up my sleeve. I feel like I could develop an entire unit plan pretty easily (said the NEW teacher after her Classroom Strategies class), lol.

Clothing… um, yeah — I’m a girl and a pretty stylish one at that 🙂  I have most of my teacher wardrobe planned out. I would like to get a few more items for the summer/spring portion of the school year, but overall, I am pretty prepared. I know a lot of veteran teachers push comfy shoes, but let me tell you… I love heals. I love how I look, and once they are broke in, they are more comfy and work better with my wardrobe. My only worry is that my student teaching calluses (I know, gross right?) are almost gone. LOL! That is sooo disgusting but so true!

Well… I think that’s all for now. Counting down the days and looking forward a new chapter. 🙂


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Scared out of my MIND!

Let me just say that I am really, really scared about starting my new teaching job. I don’t know what to expect. To whom should I direct any questions? What should I have done by day 1? … the list goes on…

I want to be a good teacher, make a good impression, make a difference, etc. I think that I will be fine, but I’m still scared.

Ha! I know this was a super short post, but I know I’m not the only one who has questions. Maybe some of my CADRE peeps will post some of their questions and/or suggestions/ideas here. 🙂


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Assignment Nightmares and School Dreamscapes

Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but when I start a new semester, I always have tons of dreams about school. I could write a book about all of my crazy exploits on campus and in the halls of the schools I’ve visited. Last nights was pretty weird. In this dream I was on a short break, but I knew that I had to turn in an assignment when I went back, which is actually the case. But I was procrastinating, as usual, and I asked my friend Anna if I could see what she had written so far. She said I could look, but she had four pages written. This really scared me. I thought the assignment was only supposed to be half a page. There was NO way I was going to get four pages written in only a couple hours. I was freaking out. Bad. So, I went to another classroom, in which Dr. D was teaching, so I could get a soda. (Why is there a soda machine in a classroom? IDK). The machine kept eating my quarters and each time a soda actually came out it was either empty or the wrong kind. Then I woke up… Thank goodness. The first thing I thought was that I have two cases of Diet Dr. Pepper in the fridge and as it turns out, the assignment is due tomorrow night and it is NOT four pages! lol. Phew! That was close!


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Emotional Good-Byes


Soooo, this article was very emotional. It really sums up how important tradition is in all aspects of my life. If it weren’t for the little things that I do with my kids and family each year, I would struggle when times get tough. These little gems of happiness get me through the roads that are hard to trudge.

I love putting Easter eggs in the front yard so my kids think the Easter bunny visited them personally. I look forward to putting treat bags on my front porch (and those of other little kids in my family), so they feel special because Rudolf was jealous of Santa and wanted to give them a present too. We always eat M&Ms when we watch movies, play Ispy when we are super bored, and say “I love you” even when we are really mad at each other. One tradition that I’m sad to say good-bye to is our Summer trips to the dollar theater, which is now gone. I have felt a little lost without this tradition. The stale popcorn, the sticky floors, the obnoxious arcade… the really cheap movies that we wouldn’t get to see otherwise. I LOVED it… and now I really miss it. I think it has affected my kids and me, and I’m sad to say that this Summer has not been near as fun as past ones. We really need to brainstorm…

This is why I think that tradition is so important. Without these little things to look forward to and spice up our routines, life isn’t quite as interesting. As a teacher, I believe that I need to incorporate these little traditions into my classroom to give my kids something to look forward to. I realize that there are lots of other things that make school, life, etc. interesting, but honestly… if students don’t have something they get to take ownership of and know they helped create, then the community will just not be as tight. I look forward to creating memories and traditions with my students. We may not have a “Butch” to carry to games, but we can start something that will transcend beyond their class and into their personal lives.

— Stephanie

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Current CADRE Status…

Oh my goodness! Let me just say that I am really scared right now. I attended my first Research class last night and it was pretty intimidating. My professors are really nice, which is a relief. But, when I learned that I was going to have to do math, I freaked out a tad. I think I will be ok though. There are so many people in this program to help me, so I am confident that I will survive.

I am now finished with all of my technology requirements *sigh.* I created a wikispace with a Voki and Dipity timeline embedded. It was really fun and something I want to use in the future. I enjoyed watching everyone’s iMovies, Blabberize photos, Voicethreads, and reading their blogs.

In my Instructional Strategies class, I only have my Proposition 3 presentation and Instructional Frameworks remaining. I have learned SO many strategies that I can use in my class. I’m excited about what I learned and ways to integrate the strategies into my curriculum.

My goals for the remainder of the summer include:

1. No freaking out about math

2. Ask for help if I struggle (Sometimes I’m too proud)

3. Take my kids to the zoo and the pool more. I can’t forget that my primary objective is my family.

4. Ride my bike

5. Be optimistic

— Stephanie

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